A Cheap Trip to the Mall

In the mail Friday I got one of Penny’s $10 off a $10 or more purchase coupons. It was valid starting today so we headed over there to use it. I absolutely love these coupons. This time we got a shirt and a onesie for my daughter. The onesie was on clearance and the shirt was 50% off. I refuse to pay full price for baby clothes even when I have a coupon. My total out of pocket for these items was $1.05. Not too bad. I love shopping at Penny’s because they have some great clearance items and sales, even without these coupons.

Our second stop at the mall was Macy’s where I used my coupon to pick up some free panties. That was all we got there today. Click here for your coupon. It’s only good through Friday so don’t wait.

The only other things we picked up while we were at the mall was a shirt for my daughter and a stuffed shark for my dog from Dollar Tree. I have never bought baby clothes there before so we’ll see how this holds up.

Total spent at the mall today was $3.17 for five items.


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