Tackle It Tuesday – Coupon Box

For this week’s Tackle It Tuesday, I decided to tackle my coupon box. It had gotten completely out of control. There were a bunch of expired coupons in the box, 2 weeks worth of clipped coupons in an envelope waiting to be filed and another 2 weeks worth of inserts waiting to be clipped. So I clipped all my coupons, sorted and filed them. Then I went through my coupon box, threw out the expired coupons and clipped all the coupons for the same products together. Now my box is organized and I can easily find the coupons I need. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it now.

Here is the picture of my coupon box after I finished. I forgot to get one before I started. I use index cards to mark each section. Within the sections I use envelopes with the flap cut off to store the coupons. The front half or so is all food coupons. The back half is all household items. Within those sections all of my categories are arranged alphabetically. In the very back I keep spare index cards, small scissors and a copy of the current Walgreens monthly book. The box is a photo storage box I picked up cheap at Michaels. This system has evolved from a smaller system I previously had. It works for me right now, but I could easily see it evolving again in the future. I’m one of those people who is always looking to make improvement in my organization systems.


5 responses to “Tackle It Tuesday – Coupon Box

  1. earthlingorgeous

    I love those box very multi-purpose and chic looking. That’s a lot of coupon:) We don’t have those here wish we do would be great!

  2. Oh, I so need to tackle this too! Great job!

  3. Great tackle! I need to combine your tackle with mine!

  4. Looks good – great tackle!!

  5. I’m working on coupons today as well. Blah….

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