Walmart Today

Today we made a quick stop at Walmart. Here is what I got:

$10.34 2 – 2 packs Airwick gel refills
$2.82 Airwick Express Gel Warmer
$4.94 Sure Max
$1.88 Sunday Paper
$5.97 Febreeze Noticeables
$1.00 Kotex liners
$2.91 3 – Johnson Buddies Bar Soap
$3.13 Cascade Rinse Aid
$3.36 4 Gallon Jugs Water

Subtotal $36.35

($1.00) On 2 Airwick Refills
($2.82) Free Airwick Warmer when you buy refills
($2.50) Sure Max
($5.00) Febreeze Noticeables
($1.00) Kotex any
($3.00) Johnson Buddies on 3
($3.13) Free Cascade Rinse Aid

Total Out of Pocket $19.82 (includes $1.92 tax)

I’m submitting a rebate for the Sure Max for $4.94. Once I receive this, my net out of pocket will be $14.88. I don’t think that’s too bad. The expensive item was the Airwick refills. My husband loves these and we were out.

To get a copy of the Sure Max rebate form, click here.


2 responses to “Walmart Today

  1. Yes…I have been where you are. We lost our 1st baby before our son was born, then 3 more between our 2 kids. After the last miscarriage we decided to stop trying (i.e. our family was complete), but I guess God had other plans for us! We feel so blessed to have our 2 children and are really torn about having anymore because of the risk of add’l losses (I have a blood clotting disorder). We’ll always grieve for the little ones we never got to know, but are thankful for our little miracles here on earth, too!

  2. If you like Walmart, there’s a $20 Gift card giveaway here.

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