October Summary

Here’s My October Monthly Summary


  • Requested – $130.26
  • Received – $151.21
  • Outstanding – $148.29 + Secret Loyalty Reward + Herbal Essences Free Hair Cut
    Doesn’t include October Walgreens because I didn’t request it yet


  • ECB Used – $14.25 (I think this number should be higher)
  • Coupons – $237.14
  • Gift Certificate – $20.00 (an old one I found when I cleaned out my office)

Special Savings: $35.00
This is for weight loss/food journal and not eating lunch out. This money will be used for a reward once I reach my weight loss goal. Right now I’m thinking about a ring, but that could change.

Ebates: $16.19

Upromise: $2.61 (This should be higher, but not all of my redeemed coupons are showing up yet)

I feel like we’re doing better in sticking with our budget. For the last two weeks I have been sticking to cash. Once a week I take out our cash for the week and this is what we have to spend. This seems to work best for someone like me. When I use my credit or debit card I have a tendency to think, oh, it’s only $10 (or some other small amount), it’s no problem. Well, all those small amounts add up. When I stick with cash I can easily see how much I left. Besides, it’s pretty hard to overspend when you stick with cash.

I love rebates and it amazes me how quickly they can add up. I especially love the rebate programs at Rite Aid and Walgreens. It’s just so easy to get your money back since both of these programs allow you to submit your rebates online. I had been putting the rebate money back into our household money, but now I am going to try to save the rebate money. I figure the money comes out of our budget when I buy the stuff and we didn’t miss it. So there shouldn’t be any problem with me saving the money. At the end of a year this money could really add up. Yes, I love to save money. Sometimes I feel like a squirrel putting away nuts for the winter.

So how did you do this month?


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