CVS This Week

My trips to CVS this week weren’t as good as they could have been, but they weren’t too bad either. I wound up hitting three different CVS stores before I finally called it quits for the week. For details on the ECB deals I used this week, click here. Here are the details of my transactions:

Transaction #1

  • 6 Glade Glass Scents $15.00
  • 2 Duracell 16 packs $19.98
  • Loreal Age Perfect $15.99
  • 3 Glade BOGO Coupons ($7.50)
  • 2 Duracell Coupons ($3.00)
  • ECBs Used ($20.58)
  • Total Out of Pocket $21.72 (includes $1.83 tax)
  • ECBs Earned $20.99 ($15.99 for Loreal & $5.00 for Glade)

Transaction #2

  • 3 Duracell 16 packs $29.97
  • 2 Duracell Coupons ($3.00)
  • ECBs Used ($20.99)
  • Total Out of Pocket $6.52 (includes tax of $0.54)
  • ECBs Earned $30.00 for Duracell

Transaction #3

  • 4 Glade Glass Scents $10.00
  • Duracell $9.99
  • 2 Glade BOGO Coupons ($6.58) the cashier took of the regular retail price instead of the sale price. I pointed it out to her, but she left it that way.
  • Duracell Coupon ($1.50)
  • Total Out of Pocket $13.11 (includes tax of $1.20)
  • ECB Earned $5.00 for Glade

Transaction #4

  • 2 Bags M&M Peanut $4.00
  • 6 Glade Glass Scents $15.00
  • Duracell $21.97 (1 16 pack & 2 8 packs)
  • 3 Glade BOGO Coupons ($7.50)
  • Duracell Coupon ($1.50)
  • ECB Used ($30.00)
  • Total Out of Pocket $2.63 (includes tax of $0.66)
  • ECB Earned $25 ($15 for Duracell & $10 for Glade)


  • Total Out of Pocket $43.98
  • Coupons Used $30.58
  • ECBs Used $71.57
  • Price I would have paid without coupons or ECBs $146.13

I got confused on the limit on the Duracell deal so I wound up buying enough batteries to do the deal 4 times, but there was a limit of 3 on the deal. At least we now have enough batteries to last us awhile. With a small child in the house we can go through some batteries. I also have a ton of Glade now. These will be used as Christmas gifts and I may even use one or two around my own house.

These deals could have been done with even less out of pocket if you were willing to break the transactions out even more. The problem I have with doing that is that two of the CVS stores I stopped at were busy and had lines to check out. I don’t feel right holding up the line to do multiple transactions to save a few dollars. The deals are very good even without doing that so there is no need for it.

Do you have any CVS questions? If you do, please let me know. I plan to write an Intro to CVS post to help out anyone new to CVS.


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