Cheap Entertainment Books

In the mail yesterday I received my 2009 Entertainment book. When my husband saw it sitting on the counter he questioned why I had purchased it. He thought I had paid the regular retail price of $30.00. You’d think by now he would know me better then that. I got the book for only $5.00 and there was free shipping. We will definitely get our money back on this purchase.

So, how can you get a 2009 Entertainment book super cheap too? First you need to sign up for a Cashbaq account. You get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up and you get $10.00 back for purchasing a 2009 Entertainment book. Plus, the Entertainment books are running $10.00 off their regular retail price right now. Regular retail prices are $25-$45 depending on the specific book you. The Baltimore book is $30.00 regular retail, so I paid $20.00 and got free shipping. Then I got back $15 from Cashbaq ($5.00 sign up bonus + $10.00 Entertainment rebate). That made my net cost for the Entertainment book $5.00. Just keep in mind that you do have to wait for your rebate check from Cashbaq.

The Cashbaq program is similar to Ebates. You do your shopping through the links on their site and get back a percentage of your purchase price. The percentages vary by retailer. Before I do any online shopping I check both Cashbaq and Ebates. Usually one of them gives a higher percentage then the other for a specific retailer. Or a retailer may be on one and not the other. It never hurts to check around.

Even if you don’t want to take advantage of the Entertainment deal, if you do any online shopping, it is worth setting up an account with Ebates and Cashbaq.


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