Review – Wii Fit

One of the items that I received for Christmas was the Wii Fit. My husband had talked about getting this for me in the past, but I was skeptical and not really interested in spending the money for a second game system when we already had the X-box 360. Well, my mom wound up getting us a Wii and Wii-Fit for Christmas and I have to say that I love it. I have been using the Wii Fit every night and I actually look forward to it. Using it definitely makes you more aware of your posture and balance. Granted I’ve only been using it for about a week, but the balance games are a lot of fun and I have been having a blast with the hoola hooping. In real life I can’t hoola hoop for anything, but in the land of Wii I’m pretty good at it. I also love the ski jump and the penguin fish catch. Tonight I just unlocked boxing, but I was too tired to try it out after I did. So now I will have to try it out tomorrow. It’s something for me to look forward to.

A word of warning; it can get a bit pricey when you go out and start buying games and accessories. The Wii was completely new to us so we went out and bought some games, another controller and rechargeable batteries. Several of the games were purchased used, but the other items weren’t available used. Since Christmas we have spent over $200 on games and accessories. Yikes! It should be awhile before I need anything else for the Wii though and I always check the used games first when I’m in the store. For the next few weeks I need to stay away from Game Stop and the electronics section at Target. They are dangerous territory.
If you’re looking for a fun way to add some exercise to your routine, I would definitely recomment the Wii Fit. Just keep the cost in mind because it certainly isn’t cheap.

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