Menu Plan Monday – Week of March 1st

This week we have some easy meals planned. Although I am working three days this week, my daughter’s daycare is closed so hubby is home with her. The other two week days we have running to do and want to get some family time in. So I figured this is a good week to keep it simple. I’m also hoping that hubby will have dinner ready at least one night this week when I get home from work. Of course Pumpkin will probably keep him on his toes so I’m not holding my breath on dinner.

Without further ado, here is my menu plan for this week:
  • Sunday: Pizza
  • Monday: Ham steak with macaroni and cheese
  • Tuesday: Pancakes and sausage
  • Wednesday: Hot Dogs
  • Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf (didn’t get to this last week)
  • Friday: Game Night – Dinner at the Parent’s
  • Saturday: Leftovers

To check out more Menu Plans, head over to Org Junkie.


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