Wordless Wednesday – Cheerios Party

So, you say you want to have a Cheerios Party? Well, here is how you can have your own, in 2 easy steps.
Step 1: Head to Costco and buy the biggest box of Cheerios you can find.
Step 2: Invite all your best friends over, throw the Cheerios on the table and have fun!

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28 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Cheerios Party

  1. What a great idea. How cute. Love her friends.

  2. That is cute. My youngest daughter LOVES cheerios. Happy WW!

  3. Fantastic idea!! And to eat them outside, brilliant!

  4. Awww…she looks like she’s having a wonderful time with her friends! =)

  5. YUM!
    An the clean up crew is ready to go too!

  6. As They Grow Up

    What a cute picture

  7. http://www.daddydayone.com

    Clean up would not be fun

  8. Diana - FreeStyleMama

    Very cute! Mine is here.

  9. this is a daily occurence at our house LOL

  10. My household loves Cheerios. At least you have a dog to clean up,lol

  11. Aww, that is so cute! I love her best friends, reminds me so much of me as a little girl, I have a very similar picture of me and all of my “best friends” at my little table!

  12. Lilith Silvermane

    Awwww…. How cute! She looks so happy. Mmmmm… now I want Cherrios

  13. I love the Cheerio party, that is a great idea. Happy WW!

  14. Somebody loves cheerios!

  15. Sounds like quite the party! Very cute!

  16. Maria@Conversations with Moms

    I love Cheerios too. What a cutie!

  17. @DaddyDayOne – The cleanup was a breeze. We just yell “Clean up!” and the dogs come running. They take care of ALL the stray Cheerios. They are the best cleanup crew.

  18. What a cutie! It looks like she can stay very busy and quiet with those cheerios. hehe

    Happy WW from Sara @ Mostly Wordless Wednesday HQ!

  19. Cindy OFarrell

    How cute!! Love it.
    Happy WW to you:)

    Hope you’ll stop by:)
    Cindy O

  20. Love the dog! Of course the dog wants some cheerios too. He’s her happiest party guest.lol

  21. cute! sounds like a party we would enjoy!

  22. Muthering Heights

    She’s an adorable hostess!

  23. Banteringblonde

    Nothing trumps cheerios!

  24. The Jacobsen Family!

    Lol! Cute!

  25. The dogs love their Cheerios too. In the mornings when we give Pumpkin her Cheerios we also have to give a few to the dogs. Yeah, they’re all spoiled.

  26. looks like a great party too cute

  27. That is cute! My son loves Cheerios we might have to throw one of those parties someday.

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