Works For Me Wednesday – Tub Toy Storage

My daughter, like most toddlers, has tons of tub toys. And as any mother will tell you, they make it crazy trying to clean the tub and keep order in the bath. So to help corral the tub toys I picked up some small storage containers at the dollar store. I love these because they are stackable and they have holes so the toys can dry.

As you can see, hubby and I also use the tubs to store our shampoo and body wash. This makes it much easier to clean the ledge next to our tub. When we’re ready to clean we just move the containers. Once everything is clean we put them back.
These tubs will get a bit dirty after awhile, much like the tub toys. So I periodically throw all the tub toys and containers in the dishwasher to clean them off. I just set the dishwasher to the gentle cycle and air dry. Everything gets clean with minimal work from me. I love it.
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6 responses to “Works For Me Wednesday – Tub Toy Storage

  1. Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings

    What a great way to store the tub toys.

  2. Great idea!

  3. Good idea. I think I have some of those crates around here somewhere…
    I’ll have to go look for them.

  4. Bahama Shores Mama

    like i needed another excuse to go to the dollar store 🙂

    But, honey, I NEED those storage containers……

  5. @Bahama Shores Mama – I know what you mean about NEEDing storage containers. Every time I’m at a store with storage containers I have to look at them. Thanks goodness I can resist buying them most of the time.

  6. Your Frugal Friend, Niki

    stennGood idea! I love buying organizing stuff.


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