13 Cards On My Key Ring

I just realized the other day that I have 13 of those little plastic cards on my key ring. So I figured for this Thursday Thirteen I would post the list. Now you guys will know where I shop.

And this picture is my actual key ring. You can see that I have a lot of keys too. Believe it or not I do actually use all of these keys except one. Most of them are keys for different things at work so I need them. I do keep my car key completly seperate from all these keys to prevent problems with my ignition. It’s just much easier for me that way.

  1. Staples Rewards – For getting credit on all those empty ink cartridges from my printer.
  2. Best Buy Reward Zone – It’s been months since I’ve used this. I’m just not a big fan of Best Buy so I don’t shop there often.
  3. Redner’s Pump Perks
  4. CVS Extra Care Card
  5. Super Fresh Club Fresh Card
  6. Borders Rewards – I don’t thisnk I’ve ever used this one.
  7. Hallmark Gold Crown Card
  8. Weis Preferred Shoppers Card
  9. Petsmart Pet Perks Card – Another store I don’t shop at very often, but we do stop there a couple times a year. With 2 dogs and a large fish tank there’s usually some pet related item that we need.
  10. Ace Rewards – Hubby shops here more then me, but I do occasionally stop there and use the card.
  11. Food Lion MVP Card – I think I used this once about 5 years ago. This is another store that I don’t care to shop at. After shopping at the one near my house I feel like I need a shower and who wants to buy food at a store like that?
  12. Giant Food Bonus Card
  13. Library Card – I love having my library card on my keyring. So handy.

This post shows me that I really need to pay more attention to my key ring. There are some cards on there that I haven’t used in a years. I think I can safely get rid of those. So how many cards do you have on your key ring?

You can probably also tell by the fact that I have cards on here for 5 different grocery stores that I’m not loyal to any particular grocery store. I will shop at whatever store has the lowest prices on what I need that week. As long as the store doesn’t leave me feeling dirty. I’m amazed that anyone shops at some stores. Yuck!

For more Thursday Thirteen, head over to Happy to be at Home. This week they have tips on how to keep your refrigerator clean. Plus you can check out all the other Thursday Thirteen posts.


6 responses to “13 Cards On My Key Ring

  1. Hoosier Homemade

    I don’t have that many, but I may catch up.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOwsa! That is a lot of key ring cards! 😀

  3. We only have one, and that’s on hubby’s key ring, I have the main card to go with it.

  4. @UKZoe – I have even more store cards and such in my wallet. It’s crazy how many stores have these things. They should come up with a universal one.

  5. Only three on my key ring – CVS, Goodwill and Children’s Place Perks card. Guess you can easily tell where I shop alot!!

  6. Wow! That is a lot of cards! Way to go on getting all those rewards.

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