Spring Cleaning Pumpkin’s Room

Pumpkin’s Room is one of the hardest for me to clean. This is simply because I usually do my cleaning while she is napping. Since I don’t want to wake her, I can’t clean her room while she’s napping. So here is what her room looked like before I started cleaning. The basket of laundry is clean, I just hadn’t found time to get it put away. Sad, I know.

And here are the after pictures. The foam board behind her changing table is there because she likes to pull at the wall decals. She already ripped Scooby so we put the board up. Once she is done with the changing table, we will remove the foam board and the decals will hopefully be safe.

And her dresser. This is another spot that tends to collect a lot of “stuff”.

I am so glad that I was able to finally get some work done in Pumpkin’s room. As part of the Spring Cleaning I also switched out her clothes. We had to move out the winter stuff and the stuff that was too small and bring in the stuff that fits and is good for spring and summer. We have a ton of clothes going in to storage now. Plus I finally got the humidifier and heater out of there.

I’m amazed at how many old toys and outgrown clothes we got out of Pumpkin’s room. There are two tubs and one of those XXL Ziploc bags full of stuff heading to storage. And that doesn’t include the stuff we got rid of. What is it with kid’s stuff? I think it multiplies when nobody is looking.

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4 responses to “Spring Cleaning Pumpkin’s Room

  1. very nice my daughter has a lovely set up like yours for the grandbaby as well

  2. Awesome tackle!!

  3. “What is it with kid’s stuff? I think it multiplies when nobody is looking.”

    Too true! It looks great now!

  4. Very lovely nursery. Agree that the kids room is the hardest to clean up. My boys room is still in a mess. Hope to get to it tomorrow after work is there is time.

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