Register that Starbucks Card

This weekend we were out for a family walk when I saw a Starbucks gift card laying there on the ground. It looked sad and lonely so I picked it up and brought it home with me. I figured it probably didn’t have any money left on it, but if I was lucky there might be a buck or two left. I could tell that it had never been registered because the pin number hadn’t been scratched off.
Later that night I finally got a chance to call the automated system and check the balance. Imagine my surprise when it said that the card had $30.00 on it. As someone else said when I told them about this, “That’s a Lotta Lattes.”
I took the time to register the card. This way, if I lose the card I will be able to get it replaced. I love this feature of the Starbucks card and I have taken advantage of it in the past. It’s completely free to register your card and it only takes a minute. Plus, once its registered, if you lose your card all you have to do is call them and they will mail you a replacement. Again, free of charge. What do you have to lose? Register those Starbucks card. Don’t wind up like the poor person who lost the card I found. And, if you find a gift card laying around, it could be worth taking a minute to call up and check the balance. It could just be your lucky day.
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One response to “Register that Starbucks Card

  1. Uhhh wow! $30 that's crazy!
    I'd be one sad loser….

    Lucky you.

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