Wordless Wednesday – Annie’s Playground

This past weekend my daughter wasn’t feeling very well because she has some more teeth coming in. So we decided to take her to the playground and distract her. This time we took her to Annie’s Playground. This playground is huge and my daughter absolutely loved it.
Here she is on the swings:

And here’s a view of most of the playground:

Crawling through a tube:

Playing the crocodile:

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My daughter loved this playground. We will definitely be going back. This park is in Fallston, Maryland and if any of you are near there, I recommend checking it out.
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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Annie’s Playground

  1. This looks like an awesone playground!! You are so lucky!!

    Come on over and link up at my blog too!!

  2. That playground looks like a ton of fun! Great pictures!!

  3. Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility

    Wow, that playground looks AMAZING!

  4. We have a playground like that near my grandma in Michigan. Great pictures. Your daughter is a cutie. Happy WW!

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