Brita Filters For Clean Cheap Water

Lately I am making an effort to drink more water. Now, I’m not a fan of bottled water because of all the trash that generates and it just seems ridiculous to pay $1.00 or more for a bottle of glorified tap water.

To help keep us in fresh clean drinking water we invested in a Brita filter pitcher. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I can taste and smell the difference. The water is deliciously refreshing. To keep it easily accessible we keep the filled pitcher on our kitchen counter. That way its nice and easy to fill up your cup with water. Plus I prefer room temperature water over cold water. By using this method I have been drinking a lot more water.
The pitcher is super easy to use. You just flip up the lid and fill it with cool tap water. There’s even an electronic gauge on the lid that let’s you know when you need to change the filter. You can see a list of Brita Filter FAQs here.
I can’t remember what we paid for the pitcher itself, but we just got a refill pack of 3 filters and a reusable bottle for $14.99. Each filter is good for approximately 40 gallons (2 months of an average family’s use). That works out to a cost of $0.13 per gallon. Super cheap for clean water.
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One response to “Brita Filters For Clean Cheap Water

  1. wherelifebecomesart

    We have one at our vacation home where the tap water isn't the greatest. I really like always having cold water in the fridge. Plus I some how feel better about my kids getting chemical free water more often.

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