Returning Bad Food

I don’t know what it was this week, but I had the curse of the bad food or something. On Sunday evening I stopped at the produce stand and picked up a watermelon. When I cut it open Monday it was rotten and moldy inside. Then on Wednesday morning I stopped at Starbucks and got a tea and scone for breakfast and my scone was moldy. Naturally I didn’t discover this until I was several miles down the road and if I went back to return it I would be late to work.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a receipt for either item. At this point a lot of people probably would have just thrown the moldy food away and been done with it. I figured it was worth trying to return them though. So hubby went back to the produce stand and they were good enough to give us a new watermelon. And Thursday morning I took the scone back to Starbucks. They gave me a choice of getting a new scone or my money back. I opted for my money back. I think it’s going to be awhile before I get any of their baked goods again.

So my Frugal Friday tip is that even if you don’t have a receipt, if they item you were sold isn’t any good, you should at least try to return it. Most retailers will work with you if you have a legitimate problem and make a reasonable request. It won’t work in every case, but what are you really out by trying?

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2 responses to “Returning Bad Food

  1. I have never had trouble returning items and they are normally so cool

  2. Your Frugal Friend, Niki

    Good for you!

    I would have taken them back for sure!


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