Google Calendar on my iPhone for Free

Note: I didn’t realize that there was a Back to School Theme for this week’s Works For Me Wednesday when I typed up this post. However, back to school typically means more activities to keep track of, so this could still be a good tip for the back to school season.

I have been using Google Calendar for months now. So when I finally got my iPhone I was very excited to see that I can sync the iPhone Calendar with my Google calendar. This way I can update my calendar either from my iPhone or from Google Calendar online. I’ve also setup my Google Calendar so that my hubby can access it. That allows him to update my calendar and it automatically updates on my iPhone. I love it.

Plus you can setup alerts so that it emails you and/or pops up an alert on your phone. I love the pop up alert. I set it to remind me a few minutes before an event when I think I could easily get busy and forget it. For example, I have setup pop up alerts for 5 minutes before a tv show I want to watch. You can turn the alerts on on off for each event, so don’t feel like you’re going to constantly have alerts popping up on you.

I also like to use the pop up alert to remind me in the mornings about what we’re doing for dinner that night. That way I remember to pull what I need out of the freezer before I head off to work. Before I started doing this I was always forgetting to take dinner out of the freezer. Now I have my reminders. I’ve gotten to a point that when my husband wants to make sure I remember something he tells me to put it in my iPhone. Yeah, he has no faith in my memory.

The best part is that you can do all this absolutely free. Setting up Google Calendar is free and so is using the sync when you do it the way Google instructs. There are several apps out there that you could pay for that accomplish this, but Google has the instructions right on their website. They walk you step by step through how to sync your Google Calendar and/or Contacts with your iPhone. I have both of mine synced and love it. I highly recommend it. And remember, do it the free way. Don’t pay a third party app to do something you can do yourself for free. And this will work on the iPod Touch too.

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4 responses to “Google Calendar on my iPhone for Free

  1. Your Frugal Friend, Niki

    My hubby had iphone and loves it! We both use Google Calendar. His is connected with his iphone, naturally, and mine if connected to my regular ole cell phone. It is a lifesaver!


  2. I don't use the google calendar, but I do utilize the calendar on my iTouch. I couldn't do anything with out it, it really keeps me organized.

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