Wordless Wednesday – Face Painting

Only one picture this week because I have a nasty cold and just haven’t had a chance to get the other pictures off of my phone. I’ll make up for it with more pictures next Wednesday.
This weekend we went to the Yankee Candle Halloween event. Yes, they have their Halloween stuff out already. Hubby loves decorating for Halloween so he was excited to get a new decoration. The store we stopped at also had face painting so Pumpkin got her face painted while daddy shopped. This was her first ever face painting experience and she did very well. Plus, when she was done we let her have a piece of the cake they were giving out. Umm, cake!
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3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Face Painting

  1. That flower looks so sweet! And she looks pretty satisfied with that cake, too.

  2. The flower looks cute on there!

    I wanted to let you know that your pkg will be mailed out tomorrow from the sitewarming party. I just found it in hubby’s car. He was supposed to have mailed it for me last week. Sheesh, men. Anyhow, I’ll mail it myself tomorrow. 🙂

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