Weekend Update

After talking with my mom the other night, we have decided to have one more yard sale before packing up the leftovers and sending them on to charity. We’ve already had two yard sales and I didn’t do too badly at them. We do still have a good bit of stuff that needs to go though so I figured, what the heck, go for it. Today we’re going to try to get over to our storage unit and pull some more stuff out to get rid of. We packed the stuff up two months ago when we put our house on the market. Since that time we’ve only missed a couple things. So I figured we can probably get rid of a few things from there. We certainly don’t need to take any extra “stuff” to our new house.

The Happy Housewife has started a Menu Planning 101 series of posts. I already plan our menus, but I still plan to follow along with her series. You never know when you’ll come across some great new tips. So look for my post completing her first assignment this Thursday.

This week I found out that Diana Gabaldon has a new book coming out in her Outlander series. This one is called An Echo in the Bone and will be released on September 22nd. I am so looking forward to it because I loved the Outlander series. I actually kept all of the books. I can’t decide if I want to order this book from Amazon or just go to the bookstore on the day it’s released. Decisions, decisions. Once I read the book I’ll post letting everyone know what I thought of it.

This weekend I also started putting a little more effort into potty training my daughter. She knows about going potty but would rather keep playing then take the time to actually go potty. I picked up some of the feel and learn pull ups so we’ll see if that helps. I am so tired of spending money on diapers and training pants. Those things are expensive even with sales, coupons and rebates. Ugh!

Well, that’s about it for my random Sunday update. Come back Monday to see my menu plan post. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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