To Do Tuesday – August 18

Last weekwas big ol FAIL for me and my To Do List. I had a nasty cold that is still lingering a bit and it just completely threw me off my game. At least this week is a new week and I get to start all over again. You’ll notice my list is the exact same as last week because, well, I didn’t get much done last week. At least it made my list easier to come up with this week.

I finally broke down and bought the Toodledoapp for my iPhone. They sucked me in with their sale price. So far I like it. It’s easy for me to update my to do list while I’m online, it automatically syncs with my iPhone, recurring items are super easy to setup, and I can have alerts pop up on my phone at specified times. Between Toodledo and my Google Calendar I’m pretty set. At least for my scheduling and reminders. There are plenty of other areas of my life that still need work.

Here is my To Do List for this week:

Clip Coupons (still haven’t done this)
File Coupons (still haven’t done this)
Put Away Laundry

Here’s my Recurring To Do List:

Keep daily food & exercise journal (Tu W Th F Sa Su M)
Write daily blog posts (W Th F Sa Su M Tu)
Keep email inbox cleaned out
Track Daily Spending (Tu W Th F Sa Su M)
Walk dogs every evening (Tu W Th F Sa Su M)
Write in journal daily (Tu W Th F Sa Su M)
Complete Menu Plan for next week

Wish me luck in actually getting some of these items completed this week. I’ll update this post throughout the week as I get things done and give you a quick summary next week when I put up my To Do list.

What do you need to get done this week? To see more To-Do Tuesday lists, head over to Crazy Adventures in Parenting.


6 responses to “To Do Tuesday – August 18

  1. Good luck on that to do list:-)

  2. Hope you’re feeling much better and have a great week of accomplishments! 🙂

  3. I hate when I get sick and can’t get anything done! My allergies/sinuses have been horrible the last couple of days, and I have so much packing to do for vacation.

    Good luck getting back on track this week!

  4. love how organized you are

  5. OMG you had a cold too!? I have one now! I can’t think straight, I’m almost asleep at the computer when I sit down every night!! Gah!!! *headdesk*

    Are YOU ready for a new week, I hope you’re more ready and feeling better than I am. Ick!

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