Dinner Reminders to Save the Menu Plan

I have a tendency to talk out of the house in the morning and forget to pull our dinner out of the freezer. This was ruining my meal planning because we weren’t able to eat the planned meals when the ingredients were still frozen. This resulted in us eating a lot of processed and junky foods that we should be avoiding.

Thankfully I came up with a solution for this problem. I use my Google Calendar to send me reminders. I have a daily recurring event for dinner. Then I edit each day to add what specific meal I have planned in the notes area. Each event has two reminders setup. The first reminder emails the day before to let me know what we’re having for dinner the next night. This way if I need to pull out the crock pot or setup anything else I can do that the night before. The second reminder pops up on my phone shortly before I’m due to leave the house in the morning. This reminds me to take anything we need out of the freezer before I head out.

I’ve included a screen shot of my menu event on my Google Calendar for today so that you can see the settings I use. Using these reminders has really helped me to stay on track with my menu plan.


For more great tips, head over to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family.


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