Health Improvement Accountability

For a few weeks I was doing pretty well with my To Do List and working to improve my health, but lately I have been letting things slide again and I don’t like that. I really do want to improve my health so I decided that to do that I need to more accountable. To help with that I will now have weekly posts detailing my progress and my health related goals for the week. My plan is that by committing myself to this I will encourage myself to work harder at these goals. Hopefully that is what actually happens.

To start, I wanted to give some of the reasons that I am working to improve my health:

  • Because I am my daughter’s role model and I want her to develop good habits.
  • So that I can have a healthier, longer life with my family.
  • To lose weight and get in shape.

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Keep a daily food and exercise log
  • Pack lunch every day this week (M-F)
  • Have one meatless dinner this week
  • Walk at least 30 mins at least 3 nights this week

My goals for this week are fairly simple because I don’t want to overwhelm myself and sabotage my efforts right from the start. Come back next Monday to see how I did and see what goals I’m setting for that week.


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