To Do Tuesday – September 1

Last week was another really bad week for me. This time I didn’t manage to complete ANY of the items on my To Do List. How sad is that? I think my desk actually looks worse now then it did last week. We have so much going on with buying and selling the houses and preparing to move. My stress level is extremely high right now. So my list this week is basically the same as last week. Now I just need to make sure that I get around to doing at least some of the items on there.

Here’s my list for this week:

  • Put Laundry Away – The baskets did make it up to my bedroom and I did put away Pumpkin’s laundry. Now I just need to get our laundry put away. Oh yeah, and it’s time to wash some more too. Lucky me.
  • Throw Out Expired Coupons – Oh the expired coupons. If only they took care of themselves. Finally got this done. I actually had coupons that expired back in May in there.
  • Keep Spending Software Updated – This week I really need to keep the spending software updated. And I would love to get the old recipts keyed in too instead of just doing a misc spending item to get the balance correct. My plan is to work on this one tomorrow night.
  • Clean Off My Desk – The “stuff” is piling up again. Where does it all come from and why won’t it leave me alone? I really need to get my desk cleaned off, I work much better with a clean desk. This messy desk is only contributing to my stress. Note: I cleaned my desk by throwing all the papers in a shopping bag. Now I’m slowly going through them, but I feel MUCH better having a clean desk.
  • Keep Food and Exercise Log – This one is getting moved over to my Healthy Accountability weekly posting.
  • Empty Out Storage Unit – Since the house is under contract and the inspection has been completed, hubby wants to empty out our storage unit and bring everything back so that we don’t have to pay for another month. I agree with this in theory, but I don’t really feel like dealing with moving everything. Somehow I think it will be happening anyway. Note: This is currently scheduled for Saturday after the home inspection. My brother has already agreed to let us borrow his truck. Thanks oh favorite brother of mine!
  • Inspection of New House – We have our inspection of the house we’re buying scheduled for this week. So I have to go to that and see what the inspector has to say. This has been set for Saturday morning.

I think that’s enough for this week. Now I just need to get caught up. Or maybe just figure out how to clone myself.

Nah, it didn’t work well on Multiplicity so it probably wouldn’t work well for me either.

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5 responses to “To Do Tuesday – September 1

  1. Anytime there’s moving involved on top of regular family and house stuff there is gonna be stress. Maybe there are some things you can delegate or get help with. Try to relax and concentrate on getting the most important(s) thing done first.

    And maybe the laundry can just stay “undone” for a few weeks. As long as everything is clean. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Not having coupons here I really don’t understand the concept – if you’re not using them at the moment and they are all just sitting there could you just throw the whole lot out and start again from scratch without stressing over it??

  3. Great list, keep it small to catch up, it’s okay! *hugs* honey. I know how stressful you must be. Try to find ingenious ways of doing some of these things, like organizing coupons while waiting in line at the bank. And laundry isn’t ever going to be 100% done, unless we started going around naked. LOL


  4. Hmm, if I started running around naked the neighbors would probably do my laundry for me. *Grin*

    For now I’m not too worried about letting the coupons slide since I haven’t been doing much shopping. They are piled up though so I’ll probably try to work on them while hubby and I have our tv time tonight or something.

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