Shopping, Storage, Sales and Stockpiling Oh My!

Grocery Shopping, Sales and Coupons:

Food expenses can take up a good sized portion of your budget if you aren’t careful. Personally I prefer to spend less money on groceries so that I have more money for things we enjoy more. In order to keep our food expense down I use a variety of different methods. The easiest thing you can do is to plan your meals around what is on sale that week. I like to look through the grocery ad and coupons, check what food I have on hand and then plan out my menu for the week. Once this is done I can write my grocery list.

There are a lot more tips for saving money on grocery shopping. To help get you started, here are some links to posts I’ve written about saving money grocery shopping:


Now, storage is another whole issue. Right now I have a small linen closet sized pantry, a refrigerator and two cabinets in our basement. That’s all I have for my food storage. Some people have a lot less space and some have a lot more. I do plan to add a freezer once we get settled into our new house though. Here is a link to a post I did about cleaning out the basement storage cabinets. The biggest problem I have is forgetting which items we have and then not using them before they expire. To remedy this I plan to start an inventory system once we get moved.


Whenever I find an item that we use regularly on sale at rock bottom prices I stock up. I keep us well stocked on everything from toothpaste and toilet paper to canned goods and cereal. Once you learn where to find the bargains you’re pretty much only limited by your storage space and budget.

I am a definite fan of stockpiling because it allows you to save money on the items you would be buying anyway. Plus you now have a stash of items you can use if you can’t make it to the store or don’t have enough money for some reason. To help you know when to stock up, it’s helpful to have a price book. This is a place where you keep track of the price per unit of the items that you use regularly. Your price book could be anything from a simple hand written list to a spreadsheet or even an app on your iPhone. I personally use my iPhone because I like the convenience of always having the list with me. Once you have your price book, it’s super easy to compare the current sale prices to your price book to see if it really is a good deal.

Hopefully you’ve picked up a few tips here today. If this is all new to you, don’t try implementing everything at once. I would just pick one or two things to try and use them for awhile. Not every method works well for every person. There will be some trial and error, but if you keep at it, you will save money on your grocery bills.

This week The Happy Housewife is talking about Shopping, Food Storage, Sales and Stockpiling. She also is providing a linky for those who write about these topics to link up. So if you want to see even more posts about grocery savings, head over there.

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