Thankful Thursday

In an effort to concentrate more on the postive aspects of my life, I plan to start posting a weekly list of at least 10 things I am thankful for that week. This post will be the official start of my Thankful Thursday posts. So, without further ado, here is the list of things I am thankful for this week:

  1. Hugs From Pumpkin – Is there anything better in this world then hugs from your child?
  2. Hubby’s Patience – I’ve been a bit cranky and stressed out this week. Thankfully hubby has been forgiving of my moods.
  3. Gas Prices – They are holding steady around here. I figure that’s good since they at least aren’t increasing.
  4. Reusable Shopping Bags – They have so many uses. I absolutely love them.
  5. My journal – It keeps me sane in this insane world.
  6. My mom – She’s watching Pumpkin for us a few times this week so that we can take care of moving related things. It’s very helpful for us.
  7. My iPhone – My life really does feel so much more organized since I got it.
  8. Naps – Getting a nice nap in during the day is so nice. Hopefully Pumpkin will be nice and take a nap for us this weekend so mommy can rest a little too.
  9. My Reusable Cold Cup – Being able to take cold drinks with me and not worry about spilling them is a wonderful things.
  10. Hot Tea – There’s nothing like a nice cup of hot tea to start your morning off right.

That’s it for this week. Come back next Thursday to see more things that I’m thankful for.


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