Aloha Friday #98

It’s Friday once again so that means it’s time for Aloha Friday. For those of you who have not heard of Aloha Friday, every Friday on the Blog An Island Life an easy question for everyone to answer gets posted.

This week’s question is:
When you go grocery shopping, do you go with a plan of attack or just wander through the aisles?

My answer:
I definitely go with a plan of attack. On the few occasions when I’ve gone and just wandered down the aisles I’ve wound up spending too much and forgetting things that we needed.

My Question Is:
Do you, or have you ever, kept a personal journal? I’m talking about a private written journal here, not a blog or anything online.

I started keeping one in college and find that it really helps me to work out things in my head. At this point in my life I can’t imagine not keeping a journal.

Go ahead and post your answer to my question in the comments and feel free to link up to your Aloha Friday post.

Happy Friday everyone!

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10 responses to “Aloha Friday #98

  1. I have but not in awhile, though I’ve been thinking of starting one again.

  2. I have. It’s been a while and I believe the old one has been destroyed.

  3. I have but only for about a month @ a time & then I get bored. I do have a private blog that is just for me where I can write all of the things I can’t write for public consumption though. It’s awesome!

  4. When I was younger but never really kept up.

  5. I’ve kept written journals at times, but it isn’t something that much appeals to me. I always just quit doing it and didn’t miss it.

  6. I wrote in a journal fastidiously through high school. I think I have an entry for almost every day. The notebook from my freshman year was destroyed, and I’m glad it’s gone! My writing became more infrequent when I started college, and now that I’m married…hm. I’ve made a goal to write once a week, but even that seems to be too much!

  7. Only when I was a child……I still have those old things. Hilarious!

  8. I just started one recently. I feel like it helps sort my thoughts out and relax me, and also acts as a good source for blogs posts! I want to write every day but just can’t get it done.

  9. I did when I was in college. I wonder where it is now?

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