Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to another edition or my “wordless” Wednesday. This week I’m starting things off with a video. A certain little someone has daddy wrapped around her finger. So when she didn’t want to go to sleep daddy took her to the big bed and let her watch some Choo Choo Soul.

Someone knows Starbucks. If you promise her Starbucks and then have to drive past the first entrance because, say, the have construction barrels blocking it, she will scream until you drive around the large block and go in the back entrance. Oh, and if you stop at Starbucks with her, you better get her 3 petite vanilla scones. Yes, it has to be 3. If there aren’t 3 in there you’ll be in trouble.


This was once again while she was supposed to be sleeping. She managed to get all of these stuffed animals in bed with her. She was very proud of herself too. Unfortunately we wouldn’t let her sleep with all of them.

night night

And this was last night, an hour after we put her to bed. I walked up the steps with a basket of laundry and was greeted with this sight. Someone really doesn’t like going to bed and enjoys the freedom of the big girl bed a little too much.



4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. our little guy has us wrapped around his finger too

  2. She is adorable… no wonder she has you wrapped up tight.

  3. Hey there….what a cutie you have. I sent you an email last week letting you know you won the magazine subscription off of my blog. I need some info from you. Was just checking to see if you got my email. I want to get that on it’s way to you. I don’t know if my email went to your spam folder or if you just haven’t had a chance to respond. Just checking on you!! :o)

  4. My boys have me wrapped around their fingers too!

    She is so adorable!

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