To Do Tuesday – September 15

I didn’t get as much done last week as I wanted to, but when do I ever? At least I managed to get a few items crossed off of my list. I’m giving myself some slack about last week since I spent most of Saturday in bed with a horrible sinus headache. It hurt to move and that’s even with sinus medicine. So this week I need to play catch up and get more packing done. Ugh, packing.

Here’s my list for this week:

  • Complete Roof Repair– We need to get a repair done on the roof of our house for the buyers. This week I want to at least get that scheduled. (This one has been delegated, but I do need to make sure that it gets completed)
  • Deliver Fish Tank and Fish to Humane Society – Can you believe no one out there wants a 150 gallon fish tank. We’ve even tried giving the fish away and no luck. So now we’re taking them to the human society for donation. I think they’re happy to get the tank and equipment too. (Again, this was delegated, but I need to make sure that it happens.)
  • Repair Wall Where Fish Tank Currently Sits – For some reason the buyers of our house don’t want a 6′ hole in the wall between the family room and laundry room. Go figure. (Ah, how I love delegating tasks)
  • Keep Spending Software Updated – I’m still not as good as this as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there.
  • Empty Out Storage Unit – Ugh, all the stuff. I plan to bring another load or two back from our storage unit this weekend. We have until the end of the month to get it emptied so I’m not worried about crossing this off this week, but we do need to make some progress here.
  • Write Letter To My Daughter – I didn’t get to this last week and I really feel like I need to make sure I do this week.
  • Finish Packing My Office – I need to finish packing up my office, except for my laptop and a few other necessities I will need until we move.
  • Finish Packing Coat Closet – Another location I need to finish packing.
  • Take Some Time to Relax – With everything going on right now, I need to make sure that I still take a few minutes a day to relax so that I don’t go crazy.

I think that’s enough for this week. There is a lot on my list this week, but there’s even more waiting to be done in the next two weeks. Moving is a lot of work.

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2 responses to “To Do Tuesday – September 15

  1. Definitely take it easy on yourself when you’re sick! *hugs*

    But holy list batman! I’ll be here to cheer you on *more hugs*

  2. How’d you do this week, hon? Ready for another To Do list this week?? 🙂

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