Creating a Moving Budget

Last night I decided to sit down and work on our moving budget. We want to have a good idea of the money we’re going to be laying out. As anyone who has ever moved can tell, it is not cheap. It’s especially bad when you’re buying one house and selling another. Lately it feels like everyone has their hands out wanting some of our money.

Our moving budget is completely outside of our regular budget and is where I am listing all of the onetime expenses related to our move. Last time we moved we didn’t do anything like this so it seemed like things were out of control. Granted it didn’t help that we moved about two weeks before our wedding so I was a little bit stressed anyway, but hey I’m crazy like that. This time we are doing our best to be prepared and putting together a special budget.

Here are the categories we have:

  • Movers – We decided to just hire movers who will come in with their own truck and move all our stuff. If you have friends and family helping you move, don’t forget to budget for a moving truck and the related gas.
  • Packing Materials – As soon as we put our house up for sale we started asking people to save boxes for us. Luckily, so far we’ve only had to buy a roll of bubble wrap and some packing tape.
  • Lost Wages – I will most likely be taking a week off of work unpaid to get our new house in order. This is worth it to me because of the stress it will save me, but a lost week of pay is definitely an expense.
  • Food – Obviously I will not be cooking the day we move. When you’re entire kitchen gets packed up you can’t really cook. So we will most likely eat dinner out the night before we move and have all meals either delivered or carried out on the day we move. During that first week I expect to eat a lot of convenience meals too. We don’t normally eat that way, but again, the stress savings is worth the cost to me.
  • Household Repairs – Thankfully we’re buying a house that doesn’t really NEED anything done to it. That said, the oven is older then me and I want it replaced since I plan to be doing a lot of cooking and baking. Therefore I added the expense of a new oven. I’m also pretty much demanding a freezer so that expense is in here too.
  • Decorating – We plan to decorate slowly as we live in the house and see how our existing furniture and such works. We will do a little painting and I’m sure there are some organizational related products that we will be buying. So those are all in this category.
  • Household Products – I’m sure there will be a trip to Target on moving day to pick up the little things like soap for the bathrooms and little goodies like that. I’m trying to keep this expense down by packing things like that in one place and marking the box well, but I’d rather have the money budgeted in case the box gets misplaced in the shuffle.
  • Stockpile Rebuild – Over the last few months we have been eating from our stockpile. I even gave a bunch of stuff away to a neighbor. Well, once we’re settled in I need to start rebuilding our stockpile. I plan to pick stuff up slowly as I find it on sale, but I still like have a separate budget category related to this. Besides, there are some things I NEED to have a stash of in the house or I start getting neurotic.

I know that other unexpected things could pop up, but I feel much better having a moving budget. This weekend I expect to finalize the figures and then we’ll be all set. Well, except for the packing. I’m beginning to feel like the packing will never end.


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