Aloha Friday #100

It’s Friday once again so that means it’s time for Aloha Friday. For those of you who have not heard of Aloha Friday, every Friday on the Blog An Island Life an easy question for everyone to answer gets posted.
My Question Is:
Do you consider yoursefl an organized person? Do other people consider you organized?
I have to say that I consider myself an organized person. Other people would probably say that I’m too organized, but I just feel better when my life and stuff are organized. I love checking out organizational products and finding new ways to organize my stuff better. I’m actually looking forwad to getting all of my stuff organized in our new house next month. I’m already thinking of ways to organize it all. It’s so exciting.

Go ahead and post your answer to my question in the comments and feel free to link up to your Aloha Friday post.

Happy Friday everyone!


15 responses to “Aloha Friday #100

  1. No, I don’t consider myself organized. My brain just doesn’t work that way all the time. I will let things go until I get tired of it and THEN I will organize them in some fashion. I find it tedious and annoying to have to create bins and labels and whatnot. My hubby loves to organize and it drives him nuts when I mess up the closet. lol

  2. Well parts of my life are organized LOL. But overall no. My closets and my kids closets (well not my husbands because I don’t go in there his closet is off limits to me b/c I don’t deal with the mess LOL)

  3. Yes, I am rather organised, although not so much as I used to be.

  4. I like to wish that I was organized and in some ways I am. If you just looked at my stuff you would probably say no, but I know exactly where everything is at. So I guess I’m organized in my own way.

  5. I’m not always organized. I tend to forget things more than I’d like to.

  6. No, not even a little bit. There’s nothing organized about me.

  7. I’m fairly organized, but I could be a lot more. People think I’m more organized than I really am.

  8. I will say yes because I just like to see things neat and in their place. Dh isn’t sure about me organizing things. He’d rather it stays where he puts it.

  9. Nope πŸ˜€ Not at all πŸ˜€

  10. I am organized. I am a freak… I hate clutter, I hate mess, I hate not finding things.

    Luckily, my boyfriend keeps the garage clean, so I can do the rest.

    Oh.. but I HATE the “clutter” drawer.. that must be cleaned.. I got pissy with it the other day.

  11. I am generally very organized…but the organization comes after the mess gets cleaned up lol

  12. NO, I am not an organized person, but I sure make myself appear put together. People keep asking me to lead things so they must think I am pretty organized. I am really good at organizing when I need to though πŸ™‚

  13. Not at ALL. I am the opposite, sadly…

  14. I do consider myself to be organized and my friends always tease me about it. πŸ™‚

  15. Oh, I am totally an organizational freak. My problem is that I don’t have the time to be as organized as I’d like to be…..causing me much stress and pulling out hair. HaHa

    I love stacking and organizing…….now my little one is showing signs of it. LOL

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