Fall Into Reading 2009

I am excited to join in on Callipidder Day’s Fall Into Reading 2009 reading challenge. This is an easy, low stress challenge. All you need to do it create a list of the books you want to read between September 22nd and December 20th. How easy is that? You can even edit your list as you go through the challenge. You can get all the details here. You can get links to all the participants on this post.

Here are the books I want to read:

Here are some additional goals:

  • Read 1 Magazine A Week – I have a huge pile of magazines sitting around waiting to be read and I really need to read some of them.
  • Write 1 Book Review A Month – I like sharing good books when I read them so I’d really like to start writing some more reviews.

I expect that I will be updating my list as the challenge goes on. I’m always on the lookout for new books and interesting reads. That’s why my To Be Read Pile will never be empty.


12 responses to “Fall Into Reading 2009

  1. Hope you enjoy your books! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  2. Good luck with the Fall challenge. You seem like a very organised person. I am actually the opposite, so I may have to come back to visit your site for tips.

  3. Let us know if u enjoyed ‘Eat Pray Love’…I’ve been wanting to read it but never got my hands on it…

    • I wanted it for awhile before I finally came across it at a yard sale for $0.25. The book has been popular enough that you should eventually come across a copy cheap. Amazon has used copies starting at $0.05, but you do have to pay shipping.

  4. Ugh – magazines! My magazine pile is gigantic…I really should have made a goal to read through some of those, too.

    Enjoy your reading, and thanks for being part of the challenge!

  5. Good goals you’ve got listed along with your books!

  6. Have fun with your list! I know that the magazines are going to be the hardest part of my list; good luck with yours.

  7. I loved Eat, Pray, Love. Enjoy!

  8. Oooh, I’m especially curious to hear how you like the Shopping for Time book. I love the title 🙂

  9. Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert and Everyone Worth KnowingBy Lauren Weisberger are both fun. I just saw the Shopping for Time book on another list – that interests me! Good luck with the challenge.

  10. Hi Buffie,
    Have you been reviewing books long?
    I just started, actually still trying to figure everything out.
    I am reading for Thomas Nelson and Bethany House.
    Enjoy Reading,

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