Thankful Thursday

This week I’m feeling pretty lousy with another cold so I figured it’s even more important to write up my Thankful Thursday list. This is the time each week that I concentrate on what I am thankful for. I’ve found that this exercise helps me to maintain a positive outlook because it forces me to look at the good things in my life instead of thinking about the bad things.

Here are the things that I am thankful for this week:

  1. The roof repairs have been completed. Last weekend my brother came over and took care of the roof repairs we needed done to sell our house. We helped a little bit, but he really did the bulk of the work. He is definitely my favorite brother.
  2. That hubby took care of the dogs last night. I try to take the dogs for a nice walk every night, but last night I was just plain worn out from this cold and an accidental double dose of medicine. (Obviously I should read the package instead of relying on my memory for dosage instructions) I was so tired last night that I was in bed by 8:30. That is way earlier then I normally go to sleep.
  3. That I slept well last night. It really felt good to go to bed early last night and I feel like the extra sleep did me some good in fighting this cold.
  4. That my mom watched Pumpkin for me last Saturday and is willing to watch her again this Saturday. This gives me a chance to do some packing without my little helper. I do normally try to encourage her when she “helps” me around the house, but time is of the essence right now and my stress levels are high, so it’s much better if she spends the day with grandmama.
  5. That our stockpile is dwindling. Normally this isn’t something I would be thankful for, but when you’re paying your movers by the hour you don’t want to pay them to move then necessary.
  6. That I was able to leave work a little early yesterday. It was nice to get home a little early and have the few extra minutes with my daughter.
  7. That I got a 20% off coupon from OshKosh. I hope to use it this weekend in conjunction with the $10 play cards I have to get some good deals on Fall and Winter clothes for Pumpkin.
  8. That my daughter loves going to day care. I think she loves having the time every day to play and socialize with the other kids. When she doesn’t get her social time she gets upset.
  9. That Fall is here. I love the Fall season, the crisp air, fresh apples and so forth. It’s just a great season.
  10. That Pumpkin got to have two pony rides last weekend. As soon as she saw the pony she yelled “Mine.” Yeah, she loves ponies.
  11. That Hubby found out about DogFest next month. They’ll have pony rides there so it looks like Pumpkin might have some more pony rides in her future. That child loves her pony rides.

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