To Do Tuesday – September 29

If I ever manage to cross off every item on my To Do List I will be shocked. Last week I got a few things done, but not everything. So it was really a normal week for me. This week it’s all about the move. Right now we’re set to move on Monday so I have plenty to keep me busy this week.

Here’s my list for this week:

  • Finish Packing– This one has to get done. We have no choice.
  • Empty Out Storage Unit – This weekend I want to get everything from the storage unit to our house so that the movers can move it to the new house.
  • Change My Address With the MVA – Thank goodness I was able to print this form online and can mail it to them. I don’t think I could handle an actual trip to the MVA right now.
  • Keep Changing My Address With Everyone – You don’t realize how many places you deal with until you have to start notifying them of your new address. There’s the bank, the insurance company, doctors, family members, magazines, etc. I’ve already started, but this process is sure to take some time.
  • Take Some Time to Relax – With everything going on right now, I need to make sure that I still take a few minutes a day to relax so that I don’t go crazy.

I think that’s enough for this week. And with a little luck I’ll be able to cross most of the items off of my list.

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3 responses to “To Do Tuesday – September 29

  1. Good luck with your move! (I hate all the work but enjoy the adventure!)

    PS~I found you through the to-do Tuesday McLinky!

  2. I know you can do it! 😉 Moving is rough, I hope it goes smoothly for you! *hugs*

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