Aloha Friday #106

It’s Friday once again so that means it’s time for Aloha Friday. For those of you who have not heard of Aloha Friday, every Friday on the Blog An Island Life an easy question for everyone to answer gets posted.
My Question Is:
Do you have any potty training tips or tricks you want to share?
We’re now trying to potty train our daughter and while she doesn’t do bad, she isn’t quite getting it.
Go ahead and post your answer to my question in the comments and feel free to link up to your Aloha Friday post.

Happy Friday everyone!


6 responses to “Aloha Friday #106

  1. It’s really a physical thing more than anything. You just have to keep reminding her to go and remind yourself that she will be fully potty trained at some time.

    Have a great Friday!

  2. We just let them wander around naked from the waist up. Worked like a charm for dd because she hated to wet herself. As for my son? I let Daddy help him out. That worked even better! lol

  3. I wish I could help but that was a struggle for me!

  4. Give it time. They will get it sooner or later.

  5. I started potty training my two year old. I thought because she knew what it meant to use the potty, that she’d get it.

    She’d come up and say mommy you are using the potty like a big girl! lol

    She is pretty smart. knows her Spanish just as English. Makes good sentences. Knows all her alphabets and the days of the week and months of the year etc. and etc etc.

    So you can see why I thought she was smart enough to get the training?

    No . it begun to get very stressful so I stopped training and it was af it it wasn’t even happening. She went in her diapers like a 9mos old and still wont even tell me!

    So I’m backing off for a year and we’ll see if she agrees to it on her own time.

    It’s frustrating to me, but not as when I was chasing her with a potty and bribing her to tell me when she wanted to go.

    I hope you will have a better time at it.

  6. B is only 8 months…
    So, let me know what works with you and I can try that down the road! 🙂

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