Sunday Update

Yesterday was a very busy day for us. We’re finally making some progress with the tasks we have to do around the house. The thing I’m happiest about is getting our programmable thermostat installed. We had one in the last house and I really missed not having one here. It’s nice to not have to remember to turn the heat down when we’re leaving for work and then come home to a cool house. Hopefully it will save us some money on our oil bills. And I would like to send a big thank you out to my brother for installing it for us.

I’m also very glad that I finally got that chaos corner in my kitchen cleaned up. Having a nice, organized kitchen makes me so happy. Now I just need to get the dining room cleaned up. For some reason the dining room table is just a magnet for all the assorted papers and “stuff” that makes its way into our house. I’m still working on getting new organization systems into place with the new house. A lot of the systems I was using in the old house didn’t transfer well into the new house.

This month has been a bit crazy with stuff breaking. When I went to use my point and shoot camera last week the screen was broken. Since that particular camera doesn’t have a viewfinder it is completely worthless without a broken screen. What really makes me mad is that the camera isn’t even a year old and it hasn’t been dropped or mishandled. I will not be buying another Fuji camera. At least I still have my trusty Rebel. My laptop also broke recently. I had used it and it was fine. Then a few days later my husband pulled it out and the case was broken. The monitor is actually separating from the case and it is extremely hard to open and close. Not to mention that each time you open it the break gets worse. It finally got to the point where we feel that it could completely break if we continue to use it so we dropped it off to get a repair estimate. Now we’re just hoping that it won’t cost too much to repair.

This week I’m working on getting my menu planning back on track. For the last few weeks I haven’t been doing so well with it. It’s just hard to care about what you’re going to eat when you spend most of the day feeling nauseous. I actually wound up stopping at Burger King to get my daughter dinner one night because I just could not stand the thought of cooking. I can’t keep doing that though. It isn’t good for her to eat stuff like that all the time. So this week I will try to plan meals that my husband can fix. My job is just to plan them and make sure that we have all the ingredients on hand. I’ll leave the actual cooking up to him.


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