Thankful Thursday

It’s time once again to think about the things that I am most thankful for in my life this week. I enjoy coming up with this list every week because it forces me to look at the positive things happening in my life.

  1. A Healthy Pregnancy – It’s still early yet, but everything appears to be going well. After three miscarriages, getting any pregnancy past the 8 week mark is a blessing to me. I’m hopeful that the pregnancy will continue on in a healthy and uneventful manner. My big goal for this pregnancy is no unscheduled hospital visits unless I’m having the baby at the appropriate time. With my daughter I had way too many visits to the hospital. I’ll try to share some of those stories in the upcoming months.
  2. My new laptop – My old laptop is off being checked over and possibly repaired. Since it would be extremely difficult for me to be without a computer for any significant amount of time, my hubby was a sweetie and got me a new laptop for an early birthday present. When the old one comes back it will be his. Thanks honey. Without his gift I wouldn’t be able to do this post now.
  3. My Schedule Improvements – My schedule is a work in progress, but we have been making progress on getting back on track. I imagine it will still be awhile before we get it settled, but I’m happy that we’re at least headed in the right direction.
  4. Toodledo – I use to use this application regularly to keep all of my to do’s organized. Somehow, when we moved I got away from using it and my to do list never seemed to get items crossed off anymore. Yesterday I took the time to update my to do list and get back to using the program.
  5. Pumpkin’s Giggles – Is there any sound out there that’s sweeter then the sound of your child giggling from pure happiness?
  6. My Husband – He’s been doing a good job of putting up with my nausea, crazy cravings and general not feeling well. I know that it isn’t always easy putting up with me while I’m like this, but he is managing.
  7. Our Fireplace – Oh how I love a good fire on a chilly day. Yesterday would have been a perfect day for a fire if I had been home.
  8. Family Dinners – My parents and brother were over for a nice family dinner on Sunday. It’s always nice to just have time to be together and be a family. Plus they all had fun playing with Pumpkin.
  9. Coke – Being able to sip on a nice cold glass of Coke while I’m feeling nauseous is a true blessing. It’s the only thing I’ve really found that helps to settle my stomach.
  10. My iPhone – This is an important organizational tool for me. I had gotten away from it, but I’m getting back to it now. Thank goodness.

What are you thankful for this week?


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