To Do Tuesday

This weekend I finally took the time to read the information pamphlet that came with the medication I’m currently on. Well, it seems that the side effects include fatigue and nausea. No wonder I’ve been so tired and nauseous. I thought it was all from the pregnancy, but apparently the medication is making it worse. Thank goodness I have less then a month left to be on the medication. Come on second trimester.

Here’s my to do list for this week:

  • Unpack Box in Hall Bathroom – This box has been sitting on the floor in the hall bathroom for a month now. I really think that I need to take the time to unpack it. We’ll be having some guests over for Thanksgiving so it would certainly look better if I didn’t have a big box full of stuff on the bathroom floor.
  • Laundry – There are currently three baskets of laundry waiting to be put away and even more laundry waiting to be washed. This week I need to get my husband to bring the laundry upstairs for me and take down the dirty stuff. Then I can work on getting everything washed and the stuff that’s already been washed put away. It really is a nuisance having to wait for someone to carry the laundry around for me.
  • Clip Coupons – I didn’t get to this last week and it desperately needs to be done.
  • Get Free Birthday Ice Cream – This weekend is my birthday and I’ve already gotten my emails for a free Dairy Queen blizzard and a free ice cream at Cold Stone. So this week I plan to redeem at least one of those coupons. If you haven’t already signed up for your own, just head over to their websites and look for a link to their birthday club.
  • Take Some Time to Relax – My recurring item.

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3 responses to “To Do Tuesday

  1. I can so relate to the unpacked boxes. I have a few of them in my bedroom. I was a vendor at a flea market and have yet to unpack the crap that didn’t sell.

    Laundry is not even up for discussion…I have to much of it to deal with. I will get to it soon. When I am NOT working.

    I am signed up with Dairy Queen for my birthdays so I get free blizzards too – GO GET YOURS!!!

    Have a super Tuesday.

  2. awwww, have a happy birthday!! take it easy and hope you feel better soon.
    stopping by as a fellow To Do Tuesday list maker!!

  3. Good luck on the unpacking your boxes.

    I need to start clipping coupons! I have way too many people in my family not to. I finally have taught my guy how to shop frugally… now… coupons. That’ll be a tough learning lesson!

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