Why I’ll Never Shop At Sears Again

For the last month we have been getting an error code on our washing machine. At first we thought maybe the machine wasn’t level so we checked that and we stopped getting the error for a week or so. Then last week we started getting the error again. We checked the owner’s manual and even checked online, but we haven’t been able to find out what the error code means. So this weekend my husband decided to call Sear’s service and see if they would tell us what the error code meant so we could decide if it was something we needed to have someone come out and service. This is a Kenmore washer and it is only 18 months old. It is out of warranty, but I feel that it’s still new enough that should be willing to work with us on a little problem like this. Especially since this washing machine cost over $2,000 new.

When my husband called Sears they were completely unwilling to tell us what the code meant. They did say that for $120 they could send someone out to look at it and tell us what the problem is. Now, this is their machine and their error code. Obviously it should mean something to them. This is quite the scam they have going on here. They charge me $120 just to decipher their own code and we haven’t even gotten into what it would cost to fix it. And I’m somehow supposed to be happy about this? Thankfully my husband was dealing with them because at that point I would have told them exactly what they could do with the washing machine.

Anyway, my husband speaks with several more people at their service center after asking to speak with a manager. One of them finally says that the code just means that the machine needs to be serviced. Personally, I think that is a complete load of crap, but what else can you do at that point? They finally agree to let us pay for an extended warranty for something like $240 and for that price they will come out and check it and repair it for no extra charge (or so they say).

We’ve also been told that if they can’t fix the machine for some reason they will give us a $500 coupon to use towards the purchase of a new machine. Now I have serious issues with them saying they might not be able to fix a machine that is only 18 months old. Besides, I certainly don’t want to buy anything else there ever again so I’d much rather they give me cash that I can use at the store of my choice.

My husband and I have now reached a point where we both refuse to shop at Sears ever again. Their complete lack of care for their customers really showed through in our dealings with them this past weekend. I am a believer in spending my hard earned money at a store that offers good customer service. Right now Sears does not fit that description. So Sears, the tools I buy for husband every Christmas, I won’t be buying them from you anymore. And the riding mower we’ll be buying in the spring. You got it; we’re not buying it from you. I don’t care if I wind up paying a little more if that’s what it takes to get good service. Since I’m obviously not appreciated as a Sears customer I choose to no longer be one. I hope you enjoy your $240 as it’s the last money you will ever see from me. And if you can’t fix my washer for some reason, just give me back my $240 and I’ll buy my new machine from a store that appreciates my business.


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