My Christmas Notebook

I have been keeping a Christmas notebook since the year my husband and I got married. It is always a big help when I’m planning the next Christmas. Well, this year I can’t find my Christmas notebook and it is driving me crazy. Hubby and I both looked through all the unpacked boxes in the basement and we have not been able to find it. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere and it will probably turn up a month or so after Christmas. Grrr!

To prevent this problem in the future I’ve decided to start keeping my Christmas notebook digitally. Now I just need to decide on a format. I prefer something that I can view either from my iPhone or my computer. And I definitely need to be able to back it up. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here are some of the things I track in my Christmas Notebook:

  • Gifts given and received
  • Christmas card list
  • Menu from any events we hosted
  • General notes on things we liked and didn’t like
  • Thoughts and ideas for the next year

Do you keep a Christmas notebook? If so, what other information so you keep in it?


One response to “My Christmas Notebook

  1. nice tips on notebook gifts.. thanks

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