Finally, A Family Weekend

This weekend we decided to have a family weekend. It was so nice not to worry about running around or having to get this done or that done. Yeah, I still have way too much to do, but spending time with my hubby and daughter was a welcome break from that.

We started off our weekend with a trip to Valley View Farms. They have lots of Christmas trees setup along with all the Dept 46 village. My daughter absolutely loved it. She just kept looking around and saying “wow.”

Our second stop was Kenilworth Mall. My daughter loves trains and they have a pretty nice train garden setup. She loved checking it out and trying the different buttons they have setup for the kids. We even picked her up some new train cars while we were there. What can I say, we spoil her.

Sunday was more of a lazy day for us. I did have to run to Target and the grocery store, but after that the day was hers. She wound up spending mist of the day playing around the house.

I love it when we manage to have family weekends like this. We may not get items crossed off the to do list, but having time with our daughter is so much more important to us. I just hope that she remembers the times like this when she gets older.

So what did you do this weekend? Anything fun?


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