Blog Goals for 2010

Whenever we near the end of a year I start thinking about my goals for the next year and making sure that I’m on track for my long term goals. This year I decided to extend my goals and include my blog. I don’t know why I never thought about it before, but Savvy Blogging got me thinking about it and now I think I’ve finally worked out some good goals for my blog this year. Here is what I have so far:

  • Schedule Computer Time – I have done this in the past and it worked well for me. I tend to work better when I have a set routine and that is something that I desperately need to get back to in relation to my blogging.
  • Improve My Writing – This is an area where I feel like I can really improve. I just tend to not spend a lot of time editing my posts and many of them feel unpolished to me.
  • Update My Header Picture – Ever since I set this theme up I have wanted to update the header picture and never got around to actually doing it. My plan is to get this done before the end of January.
  • Schedule Regular Blog Features – I need to get back to regular posts about certain topics. Last year I was doing well with my Household Notebook posts and then I got derailed with outside events. I want to get back to this series and start one or two others.
  • Schedule Monthly Household Organization Projects – As part of moving to a new house at the end of last year I need to revamp my organization to fit the new house. My goal is to pick one area each month and blog about my progress. For January I will be working on Food Storage Organization. This goes well with the Eating From the Pantry Challenge I am also participating in during January.
  • Create a Blog Mission Statement – The topics I blog about have changed over the last year so I really feel like I need to sit down and come up with a blog mission statement. That will help me focus on exactly what I want to be blogging about instead of having topics that are all over the place.
  • Use More Pictures – I love the way posts look when they have pictures. Lately I have gotten lazy about including pictures with my posts. For 2010 I want to start including pictures with all of my posts.
  • Re-evaluate Blog Goals in Six Months – Since this is my first time setting goals for my blog I plan to re-evaluate my progress in six months and possibly revise some of my goals at that time.

If you have a blog, have you set any goals for it for 2010? What about personal goals?

This post is being linked to Savvy Blogging. Head over there to check out links to other blog goals for 2010.


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