Getting Organized in 2010

Those that know me know that I can tend to be a little OCD. I’m very big on organization and being able to find what I want when I want it. We had been in our last house for almost six years so I had all of my key systems organized the way I wanted them. This past fall we moved to a new house and a week later I found out I was pregnant. With all of the first trimester misery I was dealing with I never really managed to get our new house organized the way I would like. Now that I’m finally in the second trimester and starting to feel a little better, I’m determined to whip my house into shape. It’s time for me to get my organizing mojo back.

Right now we still have a lot of boxes in our basement that haven’t even been unpacked yet. My beautiful bookshelves don’t even have the shelves in them yet and many areas of my home are still chaotic. When I look at the big picture and everything that I need to do to get organized it can feel a bit overwhelming. So I have decided that I will take one large organizational project and dedicate a month to it. My goal is to at least have the largest projects completed by the time our new baby arrives in June.

Here is my preliminary schedule for the projects I will be tackling:

  • January – Food Storage
  • February – Family Room Bookshelves
  • March – Laundry/Storage Room
  • April – Living/Dining Room
  • May – Baby Supplies
  • June – Baby is due so I will stick to small projects

During these months I also plan to tackle smaller organizational projects as they come up. Two smaller projects that I’m still planning out in my head are necklace and earring storage and a new command center in my kitchen. I know I need to do something with these two areas, but I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do yet. I’ll know the right solution when I finally find it; until then I just have to keep my eyes open and try not to let those areas bother me too much.

Since I know that life will get hectic and serious sleep deprivation will set in once the new baby is here, I currently don’t have any large projects planned for the last half of the year. Or should I say that my large project will be adapting our family life to include the newest member and figuring out our new normal? I still plan to tackle organization projects around our house, but they will probably tend to be smaller projects.

Are you planning any organizational projects for 2010?


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