Food Storage Organization Update

As I mentioned last week, my January organization project is to update my Food Storage Organization. I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I hoped I would, but I did manage to straighten up the shelves in the storage room. Here is a picture of how one set of the shelves looks now.

This weekend we also did a Costco run which means that I now have more supplies to put away. While we were there we also picked up another set of shelves. Hubby hasn’t put them together yet, but as soon as he does I will start filling them up.

We had debated whether it was worth buying another set of shelves or not. There is space available on the shelves we currently have, but hubby wants me to stock up on as much as I can before the baby gets here. So we finally decided to get the extra shelves. It will be worth it so that I can keep everything organized.

Here is what I hope to accomplish on this project this weekend:

  • Have hubby put the new shelves together
  • Finishing putting away all the Costco purchases from last weekend
  • Buy or order food storage containers for the pantry

Come back next Thursday to see how the project is going. I only have two more weekends to work on this project and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to be able to finish it. Obviously I need to get moving and get it done.

Are you currently working on any household organization projects? How are they going?


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