Things I Love – The Tag Jr Reader

One of the items my daughter received for Christmas this year was a Tag Jr Reader. I’ll admit that I was weary of buying this at first. She already had the Leap pad reader that she never used and I was afraid the Tag Jr would just be something else that sat around gathering dust. My daughter does love books though and will sit and “read” them by herself. So I finally purchased the Tag Jr for her.

You do have to load the books onto the reader and the reader only holds 6 books at a time. This is the one thing that I do find annoying. So far my daughter only has 5 books so this hasn’t become an issue yet, but it easily could in the future.

The thing that I do love about the Tag Jr is that my daughter can sit and use it all by herself. Sometimes we do sit with her and go over the books and talk about the books and interact with them with her, but sometimes she is content to sit and play with them herself. I love that the books ask the kids to interact with the reader. It will ask them to find different things in the book. I feel like this is really helping my daughter to learn.

Another nice feature of the Tag Jr is that you can connect it to your computer and see how your child has been using it. It tells you how much time they spend with different books, what their favorite page of each book is and so forth. There are even some downloads you can get to reinforce their learning with the different books. We haven’t done any of the downloads yet, but they do look interesting.

Update: The age range on the Tag Jr is 2-4. For the slightly older kids they have a Tag reader, but I’m not sure of the age range on that one and don’t have any experience with it since my daughter is just 2.

Have you tried the Tag or Tag Jr with your child? What has your experience been?

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2 responses to “Things I Love – The Tag Jr Reader

  1. I saw so many ads for the Tag Jr. during Christmas which made me very curious about the product. So, it’s great to read your story tonight! I’m not sure the age range for it but we just might have to be on the lookout for a good deal. Thanks for the info!

  2. My 3 yo got the Tag reader for Christmas. You are right, it is a little old for her, but I hope she grows into it. Oddly enough my 6 yo, who can totally read, loves it. But there are tons of games in it that she likes playing.

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