Pantry Organization

This weekend I decided to work on organizing my pantry. It was such a mess that I had a hard time finding the items I needed when I needed them. As you can see from the above picture, my pantry looks much better now.

To start with the organization I added the small metal shelf. This shelf was repurposed. In the last house I used it in the cabinet where I stored all of our plastic containers. It didn’t fit in that cabinet in this house so I had been planning on getting rid of it. Thankfully I remembered it and put it to good use.

I also wound up buying a bunch of Lock and Lock storage containers. I love using these to store various food items because they have an air tight seal. I haven’t gotten the labels on the various containers yet, but that will be happening soon. You’ll also notice that I stuck with rectangular storage containers. I like the rectangular containers because they don’t waste space in the pantry and they stack well.

My daughter also loves to get into the pantry whenever she’s hungry and wants a snack. To help her I used the bottom cubby on the door rack to hold her snacks. The snacks have already been placed into portion sized containers for her. She knows this is where are her snacks are kept so now when she’s hungry she goes in and grabs whatever snack she wants. It’s so much easier for us.

It feels so good finally having my pantry organized. This is the first time I’ve really taken the time to organize it since we moved into this house. Now I just need to make sure that my family does their part to keep it this way.

Next week will be my last post on food storage organization. Hopefully hubby will get my new shelves together so I can finish up in the basement. If not I’ll just have to do the best I can organizing with what I have. It’s important for me to keep it organized since we’re trying to stock up now to prepare for my maternity leave this summer. The plan is for us to not have to do any grocery shopping while I’m on leave. Well, we will still need dairy products, but we’re hoping to get all of our produce from our garden and everything else from our stockpile. This should be a big help during the weeks that our household income will be cut since I don’t have paid maternity leave.


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