Aloha Friday – Clothing Worries

It’s time for Aloha Friday again. For Aloha Friday I simply post an easy question here and you can answer in the comments. This meme is hosted by An Island Life, so head over there to find more participants.

Here’s my question for this week:
Do you get upset if your children stain their clothing?

When my husband picked our daughter up from daycare one day this week he said they were all upset because she had gotten spaghetti on her shirt during lunch and they couldn’t get it out. They actually put pretreater on it and washed the shirt because they were so worried. He told them not to worry about it. She is only two and she can be messy. It’s not like she does it on purpose so I don’t see the point in getting upset about it. The shirt is currently soaking in OxyClean. It may come out and it may not. Either way, life goes on and it is just a shirt.


17 responses to “Aloha Friday – Clothing Worries

  1. No not really as I know they didn’t do it on purpose.

  2. I don’t have children yet. But I think I wouldn’t get upset about that.

  3. absolutely not! Do I try and put a bib on or take the shirt off when it’s something really messy and it’s one of his more expensive shirts? YES-but I would NEVER get upset if he actually got something on them!

    Have a great weekend!

    • They said they had a pocket bib on her and she somehow managed to get the spaghetti under the bib. Knowing my daughter this is entirely possible.

  4. i also doesn’t fuzz about it if it’s my toddler’s doing. what i fuzz about clothing is – after just one washing, the a supposedly new socks or shirt or pants looks ruggy already!

  5. No, I am used to it now…with three kids it is a pretty regular thing around here.

  6. No way… in fact I was at the Botanical Gardens with the toddlers the other day. It was muddy, a bit icy and all around kind of gross. But, they loved it, We had a picnic in the back of the truck, and I changed them before the drive to their “grandma’s” house.

    They loved it, and honestly, why would I stress over a few stains when I can stress over potty training and what time is the best for starting school?

    I’ve got 7 kids… the last thing I need is that kind of stress…

    Happy Aloha Friday, thanks for visiting!

  7. No…they’re kids…comes with the territory! It annoys me when other people get upset. If I’m not upset, why should anyone else be?

    • I know, I couldn’t believe they were so worried about it. I’m the one that buys her clothes and I wasn’t worried.

  8. I only get upset if it’s one of their favorite items and I know the stain won’t come out.

  9. No, kids are kids and it’s only clothes.

  10. not at all! they don’t know what they are doing and even if they did I know it wasn’t on purpose

  11. No kids yet…but my parents never cared if my sister and I got our clothes dirty. I think I cared more than they did lol

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