Time to Restock the Cupboards

I didn’t do as well as I had hoped I would with the Eating From the Pantry Challenge this month. I’ve decided that I’m also going to skip out of the last week of this challenge so that I can start restocking our cupboards. Our goal right now is to get as much stockpiled as I can before the baby gets here this June. That way I shouldn’t have to do much shoping while I’m on maternity leave. This will be nice for two reasons #1 who wants to drag a newborn to the grocery store? and #2 since a good chunk of our household income won’t be incoming we will need to cut our expenses as much as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of my goals from this challenge and how I did with them:

  1. Spend $120.00 or less on food. We actually spent $275.22 going $152.22 over budget.
  2. Only buy dairy and produce. Didn’t manage to stick with this one.
  3. Only 3 trips to the grocery store in January. Amazingly I did stick with this one. We did one trip to Trader Joe’s, one to Weis and one to Costco. There were also several stops at 7-11 for milk, but those won’t count to wards this.
  4. Dining out comes out of the allocated budget. Or we can take the funds from our spending money. We did eat out a couple times and did manage to stick with this rule.

Overall I guess I didn’t do too badly, but I could have certainly done better. I think that after the baby is here and things settle down I have to look at possibly revisiting this challenge.

For now, Pumpkin and I have figured out a great route for Sunday shopping where we can possibly hit Target, 4 different grocery stores, Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. Obviously we wouldn’t hit all of these in one week. Instead I will review the sale papers on Saturday night and figure out which stores (if any) we will be stopping at. This week we had a blast hitting Target and 2 of the grocery stores. Who knows what next week will hold.

This weekend I also came to the realization that it isn’t always worth it to run to the dollar store to get my Sunday paper. If I’m out and will be near one, then it’s definitely worth it, but if not it’s a bit of a drive and not really worth it to save $2.00. (The paper is $2.00 at the 7-11 near my house vs. $1.00 at the dollar store and I  normally get two papers.) I figure this will save me about 30 minutes of driving. My time is definitely worth more then $4.00 an hour.

What about you, where do you get your Sunday paper?

This post has been linked to Money Saving Mom’s Eating From the Pantry Challenge Update Post.


One response to “Time to Restock the Cupboards

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