Vitamin Alarm

I am not very good at remembering to take my vitamins, or really any regularly scheduled medicine. Normally, I don’t stress too much about missing vitamins, but when you’re pregnant it’s nice to take them daily like you’re supposed to. I do want my baby to have the healthiest start possible. Anyway, to help me remember to take my vitamins I setup a daily alarm on my cell phone. Now, every day at 6:30 it pops up a reminder to take my vitamins and plays music to get my attention. Since I’ve done this I’ve only forgotten my vitamins once and that was because I wasn’t home when the alarm went off so I didn’t have my vitamins with me.

Pretty much every cell phone I’ve seen in recent history has an alarm feature, so if you have a cell phone you should be able to take advantage of this tip. And as you can see from picture, I don’t just use the alarm for vitamin reminders. I also use it to help me get up and have time to write on weekday mornings. There are all kinds of things you could use the alarm for, just be creative.

This tip is being post to Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are THAT Family. Head over there to find more great tips.


3 responses to “Vitamin Alarm

  1. This is a great use for the alarm feature on the phone. Thanks for the tip.

  2. My minds is whirring…I needed to do this yesterday to remember to pick my daughter up from school early. Doh! I’ll try this idea next time!

  3. Great tip…. if only I had a cell phone! Honestly, I feel like I’m Amish half the time. 🙂

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