Weekend Progress

This weekend turned out to be a very nice one for our family. On Saturday we did a bunch of running. It’s not my favorite thing, but it needed to be done. Saturday afternoon we spent at home and I got to take a nice nap while my daughter napped.

We have been trying to spend at least one day of our weekend at home, no running. This past weekend Sunday was that day for us. On Sunday morning we had a nice family breakfast with my parents and brother coming over to join us. Then I took care of some organizing around the house while my daughter played and hubby worked in the yard. While Pumpkin was taking her afternoon nap I was able to finally do a little work in our garden and start a nice dinner. Unfortunately she slept through dinner, but hubby and I had a very nice meal.

I’m excited about finally having a real garden at our house this year. Previously we lived in a townhouse with a swampy, shady back yard so my gardening was limited to pots on our deck. Now we have a little under an acre of land so I can plenty of flowers, veggies and herbs. And we’ve even added two blueberry bushes and some strawberry plants. Now let’s hope that Bambi doesn’t come around and eat it all.

Sunday night was our family movie night. This is something new we’re starting. Our daughter seems to really enjoy sitting down to watch a movie with us. This week we watched Up! again. It had been awhile since we saw it and we all liked it so we figured we could stand to watch it again. For next week we’re thinking about The Princess and The Frog if we can get it from Netflix in time.

Did you have a good weekend? What did you accomplish?


One response to “Weekend Progress

  1. I am excited for you! I hope you will post photos of your garden and blueberry bushes as they progress!

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