Going TV and iPhone Free for the Week

Hubby and I agreed that this week would be a tv free week for us. This is to run from Monday through Sunday, ending with a family movie night on Sunday night. Since I’m not a tv watcher in general I agreed to give up my iPhone for the week, only using it as a phone and for the calendar. My main reason for doing this is to limit my daughter’s tv watching and instead getting her involved in other real life learning activities around the house.

On Monday night we all did very well. Hubby and I played with our daughter in her play room until bed time and everything went great. Last night I spent time coloring and playing with our daughter and hubby took care of some yard work. So we were doing well. But when I walked out of my daughter’s room after putting her to bed I heard the tv playing. When I said something to hubby about it he said he just wanted to relax and needed the tv and that it was educational show so it didn’t count. I guess I will have to content myself with the knowledge that he did at least wait until our daughter was in bed to turn on the tv.

Tonight I’m going to try to do a family reading night. After dinner we will all get out books and read them. Since I have a ton of books on my to-be-read list this won’t be a problem for me. Thankfully my daughter also loves books and should have fun playing with her Tag Jr so that will be good. The trick will be getting hubby to read. He has some books that I gave him for Christmas that he still hasn’t even cracked open so maybe I can get him to start one of those. Or at the very least read to our daughter.

What about you, what non-tv related activities do your family members enjoy?


One response to “Going TV and iPhone Free for the Week

  1. We enjoy kicking the soccer ball in the backyard, family walks, and our latest fixation is playing Boogle!

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